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My name is Pen Godber. I live in Montgomeryshire, Wales in the foothills of the Berwyn Mountains with my husband Col and two cats. Our home, Tan y Graig, is perched on a hill called Hen Allt, the Old Hill. Down in the valley runs the River Tanat. In winter we get sometimes snowed in, but not for long.

Vlad (or Igs)

We have two fat tabby cats, Vladimir and Igor. Our children have grown up here. We love it when they come back to us, bringing grandchildren. Living here gave our daughters Amy and Rosie a love for adventure. It is a source of pleasure to us that they both work in the outdoors now, Rosie in the mountains, Amy on the sea. Jack, my son, built this webpage for me. I would leave a full and happy life never stirring from home but 5 years ago, aged 65, I started sea kayaking. It is an obsession, an addiction! I am squeezing it all in before I become decrepit in whatever way the fates have in store for me. I just want to see round the next corner.  So many people have recognised my obsession and helped me along the way. Thank you all. To donate please click the link.


  1. Wow that’s my sister and I’m gurt proud of her. I can only lay claim to being a champion knitter and – before my knees gave out – a reasonably fine English Country Dancer.
    Go Our Pen, Go.

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