Stage 1 Walking to the Tanat 2 miles

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Emma and Amy came over to ceremonially walk from home down to the river bridge at Llangedwyn. Storm Hannah! It wasn’t going to be a boring walk as winds had been as high as force 9 over night so there were branches down all over the place and the rain was still putting on a good show. We had along with us two candidates for the Circumnavigation Trip Support Team. Owain, a Welsh Dragon for the Welsh side of the border and Whitney for the English side, an English Bull Terrier. 

There were signs of friction between Owain and Whitney when Owain threw Whitney off the bridge for no apparent reason. We wrote this down to big match nerves. Wales were about to play Ireland in The Six Nations. We walked on to The Green Inn to watch the match. I thought the pub would have a good atmosphere but in fact it was full of English bikers, like us sheltering from the wind and rain. They didn’t know anything about rugby and didn’t care either. I have noticed that most of the bikers that pass through this way are rather mild, plump, middle aged fellows once they shed their leather togs. Amy and I know nothing about rugby either but no problem! Emma does and she explained all. 

Mind you I can cheer along with people dressed as daffodils along with the best of them especially when I have a pint in my paw. But why do these chunky lads keep falling over on top of each other? Luckily Emma could explain all. And Wales won! Fantastic Gatastic indeed! Unfortunately Owain celebrated by dunking Whitney in someone’s pint. It turned out he took against her because she is a French Bull Terrier rather than an English one. I don’t need aggression in my support team so they’re both out. The search is on for two new recruits. You see, at some stage, I’m going to be alone out there in my little tent and I’ll need a pocket sized team along for company.

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